About Marie

England to Canada

Learning shorthand at school in Coventry at the age of 13, has led Marie on a fascinating journey. Coincidentally, she also started acting when she was 13, so this number has been lucky for her since both professions have combined to lead her into an illustrious career in Hollywood. However, before this she spent time as a legal secretary and then a Beauty Therapist, while never abandoning her acting career.
Marie ultimately picked up a backpack and headed for Europe. In order to support her travels she worked as an au pair in Switzerland, drug abuse secretary for the US Army in Germany (during the Vietnam era), DJ at a disco in Greece, and chambermaid.  She also lived in Israel, experiencing both the Arab and Israeli cultures, and the conflict, first hand.  On her return to England, two years later, she became a Croupier in a famous nightclub in Brighton.
Marie subsequently immigrated to Toronto, Canada, where she worked in Public Relations before moving on to television as a Production Manager in the Drama and Variety departments of the CBC.  During this period she also produced special events for the Canadian Government, earning a special accolade from then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  She founded “Radio Women” and produced several human-interest programs for CBC Radio, including Incest – the Great Taboo, resulting from her volunteer work with troubled girls.

Canada to Hollywood

As Assistant to Theatre Director, John Hirsch, Marie was fortunate to work on Three Sisters with Maggie Smith at the Stratford Festival Theatre in Canada and with Anthony Hopkins in The Tempest at The Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.  Feeling an affinity to California, she decided to move to Los Angeles, and thus her career in the film industry began.
Her first Hollywood job was with the Samuel Goldwyn Company in film distribution and marketing, which resulted in her next job as publicist for the American Cinema Awards produced by the late David Gest.
She was then hired as a staff writer on a TV show – “Divorce Court”-  and assistant to the writers on an HBO series “First and Ten” (with O.J. Simpson).  This led to a position with two comedy writers, Rudy De Luca (a co-writer with Mel Brooks on such films as “Silent Movie” and “High Anxiety”) and George Gipe (co-writer with Steve Martin on “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” and “The Man with Two Brains”), helping them develop episodes for an HBO TV series, “The Investigators”.  Barry Levinson directed this series of comedy shows, resulting in Marie’s long association with the writer/director.

Film Work with Barry Levinson

Marie Rowe VietnamMarie has worked on most of Levinson’s films in the areas of script development, casting and producing, including the award winning “Good Morning, Vietnam”, “Rain Man” and “Avalon”.  She has also worked closely with many major Hollywood stars, including: Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Warren Beatty, Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams and Al Pacino – all starring in Levinson projects.  She resumed her acting career when Levinson cast her as Mrs. Ross in his film “Disclosure”, opposite Michael Douglas and Demi Moore.


As abridger/producer of books on tape for Dove Audio in Los Angeles, Marie dealt with a variety of books, from the classics and popular novels to psychology, business and the Bible. She abridged Dr. Arthur Janov’s “Primal Scream” and worked closely with him when she abridged his new book “Why You Get Sick How You Get Well.”  She also consulted with author Vincent Bugliosi (Charles Manson’s prosecuting attorney) when she abridged his book “The Phoenix Solution,” about the war on drugs in America.
Marie was appointed Vice President of Creative Development for PowerPlay Audiobook Summaries where she was responsible for choosing and summarizing business books on subjects such as Leadership Development, Communication Skills and Creative Thinking.  She then interviewed the authors and produced the studio recording sessions.
With her vast experience in script development, Marie continues to help screenwriters with script analysis.  She has also entered the world of personal history and guided autobiography, helping people write their life stories.
In addition, she has edited several books for published authors, including literary agent William Gladstone’s “The Twelve” (Vanguard Press), loosely based on his life. She has written industry articles for International Cinematographers’ Guild magazine (ICG) and several other publications as well as contributing chapters for published non-fiction books.

Volunteer Work

Always available to support up and coming filmmakers, Marie has written, produced and cast films for Women in Film’s charitable programs in Los Angeles, as well as for students at various California universities.
She has been a mentor/special friend/big sister to a number of under-privileged children for over 30 years. She developed a mentor program and taught acting with “Colors United – Living Literature” in Watts and Venice High Schools in California. She was Artist in Residence at Hollygrove Children’s Home in Los Angeles (once home to Norma Jean Baker, aka Marilyn Monroe), teaching creative writing and drama, and was responsible for implementing their Media Centre, with heavy emphasis on reading and creative expression. Marie is very proud of the fact that she guided these troubled children into producing two illustrated books of poetry, which greatly increased their self-esteem and was an essential element in their need to be heard.