Listening to Marie talk about her experience on Rain Man is a visual road trip – we travel with her across the United States in her quest for actors. It is the road trip of a committed person eager to do her job, not the road-trip of a show-off superstar casting director. We relate to the extraordinary experience of being a Hollywood casting director but all in a human, down-to-earth way. And we get unique insights into the making of the film, the director’s choices and the actors’ preparations and doubts, as if we were there.

Rachel Elfassy Bitoun

Student, Warwick University

“Marie has been a fantastic BFI (British Film Institute) Film Academy master class speaker for Rural Media for 2 years running. Marie’s rapport and delivery is engaging and often time spent listening to her is never enough! Marie relates to young people so well and her wisdom and advice on the film industry is truly unique and insightful. I would highly recommend booking Marie for inspirational talks and master classes.

Nathan Williams

Rural Media Academy

Marie is an inspirational speaker with a wealth of experience in the film industry and as small business owner/entrepreneur. She has a postive, can-do attitude and an engaging personality and I’d be happy to recommend her as a speaker or workshop leader.

Peter McLuskie

Coventry University

We met last year when she was on the judging panel of Monologue Slam, which is a showcase for actors from all backgrounds and profiles. I then attended a casting workshop where Marie gave me constructive criticism on my audition technique. As well as this, I was lucky enough to attend a guest lecture at the University of Leeds where she spoke about her success in the film industry! I cannot thank Marie enough for all she has taught me! What an incredible woman Marie is!!

Grace James

Student, Leeds University

What a delight!! Marie was our speaker at the Coventry Connexion meeting in January 2017 and she kicked off the year in a fabulous way. Her story and journey has been amazing and she shares this with style, panache and enthusiasm. She has done so much, met so many famous actors and directors and worked with the best. Her speaking style is from the heart, down to earth and full of passion.

I would recommend Marie to anyone who wanted a speaker – her story is fascinating and all the better as she is just a local girl who made her way from Coventry to Hollywood!!!

Edwina Silver

Connexions Network Group

Your talk was very inspiring, and quite honestly one of the most helpful talks we have had regarding careers since I’m a student at Warwick. You came across as an approachable person, which made the Q&A very interesting in my opinion. I personally loved your impressions of actors or crew members. It made your talk very vivid and entertaining. Your anecdotal tone as well was very appreciable. I wasn’t bored one second!  I strongly encourage you to continue doing this and sharing your experience with others! Thank you!

Camie Guillaume

Student, Warwick University